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Transform boring "employee training" sessions into once-in-a-lifetime "hanging" sessions! Our luminaries are available for interactive experiences customized for your business or enterprise.


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A perfect blend of fun & fired up, your next event - from keynotes to in-depth AMAs and everything in-between - is one to be remembered!

From Board room to VIP room

Get way more access to our luminaries than ever before.

Customized Training & Consulting

Business doesn't have to be boring! We'll tailor our luminaries' superpowers to fit your corporate training goals.

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Got questions? I got you.

Hi! I'm Daniel Bennett & I started All Pro Academy because it's everything I wish I learned in music school (but didn't) as a pro guitarist in Nashville. Holler at me here or DM me in the app!


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Top results take top talent. That's why All Pro Studios exists – one place to hire the best of the best to enhance & amplify your existing team.

When you hire All Pro Studios, you're working with our entire portfolio of agencies with proven track records of peak performance & results that speak for themselves.

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