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Join the unboring business school for creators & get rewarded for helping creators create sustainable careers turning craft into cash.

Make money helping creators go pro


We're transforming futures, making money & having fun doing all that together. You in?


Power partner affiliate program

Make $ helping creators turn dreaming into doing

  • Create videos teaching your best business tips

  • Promote your profile page & promo code/link

  • Earn up to 40% affiliate commissions

  • Earn up to 5% for recruiting partners

  • Lifetime payouts for sales you generate

  • Donation matching to your charity of choice

  • Commissions paid out monthly

  • Optional access to the Alliance crew of partners



Up to 40%

Earn money (called a Tier 1 affiliate commission in marketing speak) for every sale made using your promo code

  • Tier 1 partners start at 30% affiliate commission*

  • * 10% commission on Coach plan

  • Each month's top 10% of partners earn a 10% bonus

  • Donate a % to charity & we'll match it (up to 5%)


+ Up to 5%

When you recruit a partner (called a Tier 2 affiliate in marketing speak) you earn 5% for every sale made using their promo code

  • Invite business buddy influencer friends to join as a partner

  • Make a commission (aka an override in sales speak) whenever someone who joined using their promo code buys something

interested? watch this Then we'll talk

My superpower = I'm 100% focused on creating transformation for your pro audience.

BETTER TOGETHER. You grab attention + I build booming digital businesses = win win win. I'm NOT on the content treadmill. I'm NOT chasing followers, I'm NOT targeting beginners. Chase two rabbits, catch none. Plus I've almost died twice so I'm busy doing, not dreaming.


Everybody wins bigger together

In under 60 minutes you'll build a booming digital business helping your audience go pro with video master class sessions, quick start Business Blueprints, 30 day Fast Track guided lessons, VIP experiences, pro community, career coaching & more all inside an interactive app available on every screen.


More impact

Transform your audience 

Creators dream of making money with their art. Share your path to going pro & guide them in creating a sustainable career turning craft into cash.

Share your best business lessons

Record your best business lessons in under 60 minute video sessions. You simply produce the videos & promote your promo link/code, we do everything else & pay your affiliate commissions monthly.

  • We'll help clarify your content ideas

  • About 3 hours to create the curriculum

  • Raw, real & fun beats slick production

  • OMG Guarantee every 60 seconds

The UNBORING business school

Produce as many sessions as your audience wants & build your own learning library that pays you on autopilot. We'll publish anything that delivers 10x value for our pro creator audience. And remember - be yourself & have fun! Creators aren't boring & business doesn't have to be either.

  • Make business fun (again?!)

  • Teach micro skills

  • Share best & worst business lessons

  • Business buddy collabs

  • Host a guest expert

  • Private business-focused podcast episodes

  • Ask your audience what they want

More attention

Connect with super fan buyers

Our luminary partners get featured & cross-promoted inside the All Pro Academy app (web/iOS/Android, powered by mightynetworks.com). Jump in to the Pro Chat to connect with your buyers, host paid featured experiences on the VIP Stage, host free experiences on the Main Stage to boost your brand & more. We manage everything so all you have to do is be you.

  • Interact with pro audiences

  • Jump in to the Pro Chat

  • Host paid VIP Stage experiences

  • Host free Main Stage experiences

  • Host AMAs & live streams

  • Much more

Pro Chat: AMAs that boost your brand

Engage with your pro audience whenever you want to (without committing to a specific schedule) plus get cross-promoted to other influencers' pro audiences.

Benefits your charity of choice

Giving a % of your new profits to your charity of choice turns every promotion you make from salesy to spotlighting a worthy cause (plus it makes compelling content). We're in too! (we'll match up to 5%).


More money

You create once, we sell on autopilot

10x your profits without the headaches with instant new B2B revenue streams. Create sessions once & get paid forever. Each of your products sells on autopilot so sales grow as your audience grows. We'll handle all the boring $ stuff like conversion optimization, LTV, ACV, CRO, churn, emails, customer success, etc.

Sell Premium B2B Products with zero work

Who not how - we'll sell your high ticket B2B digital products for you. Our digital product models are based on what's working best for today's top digital business coaches & monetization experts. Make mailbox money while helping creators get unstuck, take action & get real results! 

Make Money On Partners You Recruit

Invite your business buddies to join & you'll make money every time they make a sale (called affiliate marketing). Win win win!

  • Partners earn up to 40% affiliate commissions

  • Super partners earn an additional 5%

  • Lifetime payouts - get paid as long as buyers stay a paying member

Level up with the Alliance crew

Yeah it's kinda like a "mastermind" - I hate the term mastermind too. Think of it like the cool kids club that btw also boosts your business vs. the scammy "pay a pile of money to impress a bunch of suckers who paid a pile of money to impress you" vibe.

Hang with other high level influencers

You know that group chat you have with a couple business buddies that pushes you to level up & keep up? That's Alliance! Meet & grow with top influencers across every niche & platform to see what's working for them today.

  • Hang with influencers like you

  • Share business strategies

  • Collab & win bigger together

  • Hot seat advice sessions

  • Influencer business coaching

  • Much more

Turn fun collabs into cash

Meet other Alliance members for fun collabs & cross-promotions with new business buddies for edutaining business content both audiences beg to buy

Influencer-focused business coaching

Get personalized, actionable advice from the most in-demand business coaches. Everything is hyper focused to help high level influencers build their business into an expert empire.


The next generation of creators needs you

Are you a perfect match?

To ensure a premium experience for everyone involved, our partner program is by application only. We're looking for industry experts, influencers & brands that would be a great fit for our audience.


Content Creators

Built an online audience who can relate to our world? Bloggers, YouTubers and influencers - we want you!


Online Educators & Experts

Spread the word through your informative courses. Add your affiliate link to your materials and grow with us!



When our products add value to yours, we all win bigger together.



Collab with us! We'll empower your audience & you'll make money having a blast together.



We'll work with you to entertain, empower & inspire your audience. 


Something Else

Get in touch! We'd love to discover new ways to serve our audience better.

Don’t quite fit the bill but believe you have something unique to offer? Give us a shout!


Got more questions? Get in touch.

How Does It Work?

Once we approve your application, you will receive a unique affiliate link and access to our marketing kit. Simply promote your link wherever is appropriate. Each time you refer a new customer who makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

How Much Can I Earn as an Affiliate?

The sky’s the limit! 

How Long Will a Customer Be Attributed to My Account?

Occasionally, it takes customers a few of days to make their purchase. Bearing this in mind, we have your customers locked-in for 30 days!

Is There a Minimum Payout Threshold?

Yes, we pay our affiliates once their tally reaches $200.

Do I Need To Have Bought Your Product(s) First?

Not necessarily, however, the more familiar you are with our products, the easier it will be to promote it.

How Do I Get Paid?

Payment is processed through PayPal. Please ensure your correct PayPal email is included in your application.

When Do I Get Paid?

We have a 30-day refund policy on our products. Following the clearance of the purchase, we will pay you within 30 days. Generally that means you'll be paid within 60 days.

Do’s & Don’ts


  • Promote us on social media
  • Write about us on blogs & articles
  • Create educational video tutorials
  • Place our logos & banners on websites
  • Send your affiliate link to email subscribers


  • Use your affiliate link on coupon or discount websites
  • Falsely advertise us in any manner
  • Modify our logos, banners or other marketing collateral
  • Use your affiliate link for your own purchases
  • Offer unofficial discounts or coupon codes
  • Advertise us through pay-per-click ads (including search engines, social media, video banners or anything else)

Get your digital business booming

👋 Hi! I'm Daniel Bennett, founder of Legend Media (the brand behind All Pro Academy). First watch the explainer video then email me & I'll send a link to schedule a short meet & greet call.


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